Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 2009

We have had an amazing 2 weeks of vacation and are enjoying the new year!
We even renewed our disneyland passes and our considering making an attempt to collect an advertising fee for all of the publicity and photography we generate to support Walt Disney.
We are looking forward to February and are finally getting used to Los Angeles.

David Jr's most recent quotes "Mommy, Daddy, Look at me... right now!"
"Mommy, let's go to disneyland to see Keira right now!"
And when asked who David Jr. wanted to Marry when he grows up, he responded "Taylor! Yah, Taylor!" as in cute little Taylor Burnett!


The Burnetts said...

yay! we're happy david wants to marry tay...although, lets make them wait a few years!

Nat D said...

I totally agree, I feel like we plug Disney all the time! You guys look great!