Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Travel: Cruising around Europe, the best way to see the most beautiful cities in the world

Our Italian cruise line may not have been the best, but the destination and ports were absolutely magestic.

It's difficult to say if the dreamy city of Venice, or the Blue roof tops of Santorini Greece were more beautiful than the views from the castle walls of Dubrovnik Croatia.
This place is real!  It's not just in our dreams.  You fall in love with Venice instantly and then nearly die over the decadence you experience with each delicious entree you experience while in this city.
This doesn't even begin to do justice the majestic views seen from the top of Oikos Greece in the city of Santorini.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
This city is truly a gem among the slovik countries with an unparalled history of art and culture miraculously preserved despite napoleons conquest and civil war.
Athens was David's favorite!  By far a unique experience that you'll want to share with the whole family.  From the Acropolis looking down over the city of Athens, Greece.

Did we mention how romantic Athens is?  Yes the ruins are remarkable and the whole experience breathtaking.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Halloween 2011

So much fun :)

Katie's Wedding Logan Utah

Enjoying the Wedding in Logan for little miss Katie and Davey.

Trip to BOSTON

Lovin' the Four Seasons in Boston

This is the park right in front of the Hotel we stayed at. From here we walked the freedom trail and enjoyed the historic scenery.

Friday, April 8, 2011

So Ready

I cannot get overhow fast these little ones grow up. I registered David for kindergarten and took him to his new school for testing and screening. He loved it and asked them if he could please start school tomorrow. They laughed and said don't you want to wait until after you play during the summer. David responded, "No, I'd rather start kindergarten. Everything else is too boring".

So although, I may be ready for him to start Kindergarten.... I am not sure that I'm ready for both of them to keep growing up. How do we slow it all down when we want to, and speed it up when we are So Ready?

Friday, September 3, 2010

I love New York!

Sarah and I enjoyed a fabulous evening out last night, compliments of Mamma and Papa Bear who looked after the cubs. We enjoyed diner on 9th and 45th at 5 Napkin Burger I think it was called with delicious spicy crab sushi roll and as we sat on the street soaking in the bustle of the city, who should roll up in a fance white open jeep? Noneother than P-diddy. That's right he stopped in front of us and waved to the crowd.

Then we headed out for a spectacular show at the New Amsterdam Theater which is gorgeous- "Marry Poppins" which was so impressive.

The Lead who played Bert was just phenominal. I couldn't believe that it more than lived up to the hype!

Lovin' New York

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living in New York

Ok at first we were mesmerized by the beauty of the green surrounding us. The richnes of unique character lingering in each building and bridge we passed. But now, truth be told, it's starting to feel like I'm in a whole different country. People really do have accents- honest to goodness- New Yo-kah accents. So it's a like a different language. They don't really speak unless spoken to and every male out here is named "Joey".

So basically we like it, but have a lot to get used to. The town we live in is very quaint. It has a cute little city center complete with clock tower in front of the train station where Daddy commutes from each day- just a five minute walk from our apartment. We have the ultimate compromise for New York, living in the suburbs and working in the city with a nice airconditioned 30 minute train ride to Time Square. We are slowly collecting furniture and unpacking while trying to meet new friends and adjust. The apartment we found is very conveniently located, has nice upgrades inside like granite countertips and stainless steel appliances and it reminds me a little of the building ithe characters from "How I met your Mother" live in with two retail spaces below us a restaurant/bar Pizza place.

We miss all of our friends and family though and want to hear all about life on the west coast.