Friday, April 8, 2011

So Ready

I cannot get overhow fast these little ones grow up. I registered David for kindergarten and took him to his new school for testing and screening. He loved it and asked them if he could please start school tomorrow. They laughed and said don't you want to wait until after you play during the summer. David responded, "No, I'd rather start kindergarten. Everything else is too boring".

So although, I may be ready for him to start Kindergarten.... I am not sure that I'm ready for both of them to keep growing up. How do we slow it all down when we want to, and speed it up when we are So Ready?


The Burnetts said...

Little David looks so grown up and cute! He will have so much fun in Kindergarten :) And little Jacob! He was tiny when we saw you last. You're right - it goes so fast!

Sarah Larsen said...

The boys are growing up way too fast!! I love junior's comment-so BORING:) I can't wait to hear about all his exciting adventures in kindergarten.

Laura Earl said...

Holy cow they are huge! :) And so adorable! Miss you guys!