Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Travel: Cruising around Europe, the best way to see the most beautiful cities in the world

Our Italian cruise line may not have been the best, but the destination and ports were absolutely magestic.

It's difficult to say if the dreamy city of Venice, or the Blue roof tops of Santorini Greece were more beautiful than the views from the castle walls of Dubrovnik Croatia.
This place is real!  It's not just in our dreams.  You fall in love with Venice instantly and then nearly die over the decadence you experience with each delicious entree you experience while in this city.
This doesn't even begin to do justice the majestic views seen from the top of Oikos Greece in the city of Santorini.

Croatia, Dubrovnik
This city is truly a gem among the slovik countries with an unparalled history of art and culture miraculously preserved despite napoleons conquest and civil war.
Athens was David's favorite!  By far a unique experience that you'll want to share with the whole family.  From the Acropolis looking down over the city of Athens, Greece.

Did we mention how romantic Athens is?  Yes the ruins are remarkable and the whole experience breathtaking.

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